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Quimper History

United Kingdom
When it comes to the origin of the French town Quimper, it is difficult to sort out history from legend. It is said that in the fifth century, King Gradlon, upon his arrival, named the southern coast of what is now Brittany Cornouaille, after his home, Cornwall, in Britain.

About Newcastle

United Kingdom
Newcastle is a gorgeous city in England. Although its proper name is Newcastle upon Tyne, most visitors and locals alike shorten it to just Newcastle. It is also a borough of Tyne and Wear. The population was counted as 189,863 in the 2001 census, and it is a city that is rapidly growing in populati

Holiday Hotels in the UK

United Kingdom
The United Kingdom incorporates England, Scotland, Wales and Northern buttons 1 image by michanolimit from Fotolia.comThe United Kingdom has a diverse array of holiday destinations--from castles to campsites, suiting all types of budget. The British Isles is a year-round...