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Top 15 Places for Skiing

Skiing is a sport which is exciting and adventurous. It is something that can be really dangerous along with being fun. There are a lot of places where a person can go to enjoying themselves while skiing. There are a few places which are considered as the best place to go for skiing. Some of them ar

The El Colorado Chile Ski Resort

The El Colorado ski area in Chile may have a familiar sounding name for a ski resort, but the terrain is classic Andes. The slopes are situated on wide-open expanses that afford amazing views and great skiing. El Colorado skiing is, for the most part, suitable for those at their beginning and interm

Choosing the Right Ski Resort

If you're just a beginner at skiing, stick to a ski resort with a smaller mountain and that includes a wide variety of beginner trails for your ease and enjoyment, as well as a large area specifically designed for skiers who are just learning. You may also want to find out if the ski resort inc