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How to Visit Mexico City's Zocalo

Many of the major cities of the world have central gathering places for their people; a plaza or civic "front porch," if you will. For example, New York has Times Square, London has Trafalgar Square, Moscow has Red Square and Mexico City, the most populous city on earth, has the Zócalo. But the

Rosarito Hotels in Mexico

The city of Rosarito, Mexico is located just 30 minutes south of San Diego, California. The beachfront town offers its share of hotels situated along the ocean, although many also include their own swimming pools. U.S. currency remains widely accepted at shops, restaurants and hotels...

Snorkeling in Mazatlan, Mexico

Many travelers go to Mexico because of its warm tropical climate and abundance of sandy beaches. If you enjoy water sports, such as surfing and snorkeling, consider going to Mazatlán, Mexico, for your next vacation. While this popular tourist city is not as well known for snorkeling and diving