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How to Sell 14K Gold

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Today it seems like everyone wants to buy gold. People are looking for old gold and even broken gold. All promise to offer top dollar. There are countless ways to sell your 14K gold. You can even sell it without leaving home. Gold buyers have found ways to cater to the needs of everyone who might h

The Types of Vikings

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The word "Viking" usually conjures up images of brutal, bloodthirsty men bent on pillage and mayhem. However, this is a disservice to the Old Norse-speaking people called Vikings. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History states that the Vikings were actually a "loose assortment" of Germani

Civic Associations

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Civic associations are nonprofit groups with a mission to improve the quality of life for groups of people, causes and communities. Different associations tackle different issues, depending on the member mix. Various civic associations can be found throughout the United States, offering ample opport