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Cervical Cancer & Exercise

According to information from the Mayo Clinic, cervical cancer is one of the more common reproductive cancers facing women. Symptoms of this disease include vaginal bleeding, discharge and pain during sexual intercourse. Risk factors include a high number of sexual partners, commencement of sexual a

Dating For HIV Positive People

Thanks to technology and continuing HIV awareness, dating for HIV positive people has become much easier and less humiliating than in previous years. Most importantly, an HIV positive person does not have to take their chances in clubs and other such places - online dating is here, and it's thr

What is the Best Herpes Treatment?

It is estimates that one in every five people have the herpes simplex virus and that about 80% of people with herpes do not even know they have it! Those that do know they have herpes because they suffer from serious symptoms that needs to be controlled and managed lest they come out with sores and