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Why Owl Monkeys Are Different

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Like the nocturnal bird for which they are named, owl monkeys are the only known species of nocturnal monkeys. They are also compared to owls due to their very small external ears, which give them a round bird-headed appearance and very large owl-like eyes. A major difference between owls and owl mo

Hermit Crab Life Span

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When adopting hermit crabs as pets, the real challenge of pet owners must be to keep the crabs alive throughout their natural life span. However, a lot of pet owners tend to focus on the satisfaction and entertainment they can get from having them. As a result many hermit crabs have suffered or have

Quick Facts For Reptile Lovers

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Are you planning to have a reptile at home? Or do you by now have one and you are obsessive about the everyday caring it needs? In this article, I am going to impart to you a few specifics about reptiles, iguana in particular. After reading this article, you might just have decided. Are you still go