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Bipolar Disorder Alternative Home Remedy - The Positive Results of Balancing Physical Energy

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What you need to do when you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder is to try to rediscover your balance. This is possible without any extra cost to you if you will just stop to eat the poisons you have been shoving down your throat, remove yourself from the poisonous environment you have been in

Natural Anti-Anxiety Remedy

Mental Health
Anxiety is a state of mental distress in which one feels that something bad is about to happen, or that he or she is about to lose control over a situation. This state of mind has physical ramifications, including sweating, nausea, rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, and severe headaches. The bod

Causes of Substance Abuse

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The term "substance abuse" does not apply to adults only. Children and teens can become addicted as well. It also doesn't apply only to illegal drugs, such as marijuana or cocaine; it can apply to prescription medications. Any addiction is hard to break, so the best way to fight it is to become fami