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About the J1 Waiver

The J1 visa is issued to the foreign exchange students who have traveled to the United States for the reason of getting some training or some sort of education. As per the clause of the J1 visa the people traveling to the United States on the J1 visa would be required to stay in the home country for

New Zealand Immigration Laws

New Zealand wants working people and their families to immigrate but not in large numbers. Rigid immigration laws keep New Zealand's population sparse, by world standards. Two main islands that together are about the size of Colorado held only 4.3 million people in mid-2009. Fifty years ago the popu

How to Identify a Visa Number

All temporary visitors to the United States are classified as nonimmigrants, meaning that they do not intend or are not authorized to permanently immigrate to the United States. Foreign nationals with this designation are assigned visa numbers, which are prominently displayed in red ink on their non