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Indian Astrology

Indian astrology is known as jyotisa vidya, the ancient study of Indian astrology. Indian astrology also defines the twelve different astrological signs, their names and significances are the same as the ones that are prevalent in the western cultures. These astrological signs though do not follow t

Can A Gem Stone Change Fate?

To counteract the adverse affects of vibrations of planets, or to enhance the beneficial planetary vibrations on the human system the occultists advice the use of gem stones. A man is influenced by cosmic forces emanating from the transits of planets. The effect of planets in the form of cosmic vibr

New Moon in Cancer, July 2011

The Map of the New Moon shows that the sun moon conjunction is in a T square: opposing Pluto indicating the continued struggle between the forces of conservatism (Cancer), and the forces wiping out the old regimes (Pluto in Capricorn). Uranus in Aries in a square to Pluto and the Sun/Moon adds oil t