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Fertilizer for Petunias

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Fertilizing petunias enhances their quality and abundance, as fertilizers contain nutrients essential for flowering, strong root growth, and rich-green stems and leaves. Without the right nutrients, petunias may be slow to grow, fail to bloom or produce pale or discolored leaves. Petunias--one of th

List of Bent Grasses

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Bent grasses grow well in the humid climates of New England, the Pacific Northwest and the Mid-Atlantic coast. Bent grasses produce leaf blades with a fine texture and low profile, but only a few species perform well as turf. Bent grasses function more as golf course grasses than residential grasses

Variegated Holly Plants

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Whether used as foundation plants or specimens, hollies (Ilex spp.) are valuable additions to home landscapes. The spiny evergreen types make formidable hedges. Hollies grow best in rich, well-drained soil that's slightly acid and are best transplanted in the fall. Hardiness depends on cultivar so c