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Horn Rimmed Hearing Aid

From horn shaped amplification devices to cochlear implants, there have been different ways of having your lost sound amplified through the years. If you are experiencing some type of deafness and you wear eyeglasses, there is something on the market to help you today. These are known as eyeglass ai

How to Cope With a Tinnitus Problem

If you are experiencing ringing and hissing sound in your ears and you hear this sound all the time then you might have tinnitus. Millions of Americans are experiencing tinnitus and some cases are so severe that it disturbs their normal daily activities. It disturbs their work, their sleep and worse

Natural Cures for Ear Wax Buildup

Cerumen, more commonly known as earwax, is secreted in the ear canal as a defense mechanism against bugs, infection and water, as well as a being a way to help clean and lubricate the ear canal. Sometimes, the level of earwax becomes so great that it muffles hearing and causes discomfort. Before hea