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Post-natal Rituals

It's day three after giving birth to my daughter Alana. With my newborn tucked up in a sling and under-eye bags the size of suitcases, I am in a supermarket wondering what to get for dinner. Thousands of miles away in Malaysia (my dad's home country), my cousin, who has also just given bir

Baby & Child First Aid Courses

Knowing how to properly administer first aid to a sick or hurt child is something all parents, caregivers, and child educators should know. Taking the time to become educated on basic first aid procedures could one day save a child's life. There are a few types of courses that teach specific aspects

How to Make a Muslin Swaddler

Swaddling is the act of wrapping an infant securely in a tight blanket for sleeping, especially at night. This provides warmth and security to the baby, keeps the baby from flailing or startling easily and allows the infant to sleep longer. Additionally, it is believed swaddling can help prevent SI