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Wyoming Driver's Records

You can request your driver's records and other information from this Wyoming agency

Quit Smoking One Year Anniversary

Quit Smoking One Year Anniversary As I arrive at my first year anniversary of quit smoking [], I take a look back and think about how it went. My decision to quit was a long ...

Quit Smoking Benefits - Why You Should Quit?

There are many reasons to quit smoking. All people know that smoking is dangerous but still they continue to smoke cigarettes. Knowing some benefits will help them to quit smoking.

Teenage Drinking and What Parents Must Do to Address Alcohol Use

Discovering that your child is drinking, or is hanging out with kids that drink, is unnerving. Finding your child intoxicated is downright scary. However, there are smart, practical steps that will help you survive and ultimately thrive in these situations. Above all parents must remain calm and tak

Low Education and Smoking Habit

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in April and then called for a national anti-smoking movement in the United States for the entire region to reduce the number of deaths from lung smoki

Drugs Becoming the Norm in Society

Over the last few decades the drug addiction epidemic has gotten increasingly worse. What are we doing to allow this to continue?

Equanil 400 mg

Equanil (meprobamate) is used to relieve nervousness or tension.

Can a patch really help you quit smoking?

So you've seen all of the television ads about Nicoderm but you're not sure about how it can help you to quit smoking. You are not alone. Many people want to quit smoking but aren't ...

Some Key Signs You Could Be Addicted

"Addiction" is a word that has had trouble holding onto its actual meaning because it's been said too often. We might simply take pleasure in and seek out amusing movies or potato chips, but we ...

Effective Method to Quit Smoking

As an ex smoker myself, I can relate to your search for a workable method to quit smoking. People who have never smoked find it hard to understand how powerful a nicotine addiction can be. There is however a proven effective way to quit once and for all. The method is nicotine replacement therapy an

Denial Often Precedes Awareness in Drug Addiction - Other Clues Show Too

Denial about drug dependency and addition is often a major sign that a Suboxone or other opioid-user is heading for trouble. While Suboxone, for example, is prescribed for people already addicted to illegal drugs such as heroin, it itself can lead to abuse. Standard signs of drug abuse apply equally

30 Minutes of Secondhand Smoke Hurts

As little as 30 minutes of secondhand smoke can lead to hardening of the arteries in nonsmokers, Japanese researchers reported at the American Heart Association meeting.