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Submitting Articles

If you own a web site and want to increase the number of people visiting it (the amount of "traffic"), one of the best ways to do this is to write your own original articles, and submit these articles to article directories. There are several benefits to writing and submitting articles.

How to Reference a Powerpoint in APA

When writing a term paper for college, you must include all sources used for information in a reference list at the end of your paper. This can seem daunting when you have used information from an uncommon source, such as a PowerPoint presentation that you located on the internet. However, the Ameri

How to Get Into Movie Writing

Millions of people dream of writing for the movies, but very few manage to get their foot in the door. Despite the challenges, however, you do have numerous options. If you want to get your big break and succeed as a screenwriter, you will need to maximize your exposure by taking a variety of simult