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How to Test DC Armatures

Direct current armatures are found in the generator components of automobiles. These include the alternator and the starter or starter solenoid. The armature is the part of the component that turns the electrical energy supplied by the battery or alternator into the mechanical energy needed to run

How to Get Podcasts for the Zune

If you own a Microsoft Zune, you're in the minority---sort of. While Apple's iPods have dominated the MP3 player market since their introduction, Zunes and iPods have almost identical feature sets, which means Zune owners can take advantage of features designed with iPod owners in mind, such as podc

How to Hook Up Rabbit Ears

Rabbit ears are another name for simple extendible antennas for your television set. This antenna will help your television pull in a broadcast signal if you do not use any cable or satellite services. However, when using an antenna, you must use a converter box as well. This will allow your televis