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Confliker Worm Removal

The Conflicker worm is the most dangerous to date. It has numerous different names that, depending on which anti-virus site you are retrieving your information from, include Downadup, Win32/Conficker.A, Win/32.Conflicker, Net-Worm.Win32. Ever since its discovery in November of 2008, it has infected

How to Get My Zwinky Account Back

Zwinky is a social networking website where you can create a cartoon avatar that mirrors your personal appearance and style. One of the drawbacks of using social networking sites like Zwinky is the potential for someone to steal your password and gain access to your account. To get your account back

Tutorial for Photo Booth

Photo Booth is one of the default applications in Apple's OS X operating system for Mac. Photo Booth uses your built-in web cam combined with a retro-style photo booth interface to let you take fun photos and record videos on your Mac. Photo Booth has many built-in features such as effects, backgrou