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How to Draw Valentines

Comics & Animation
For the artistically inclined, Valentine's Day represents not only a day of love, but a chance to exercise some of your drawing skills. If you have a special someone for whom you'd like to create a Valentine, making the effort to make a Valentine's Day drawing shows him or her how much you care. The


Comics & Animation
Read a review of Orange, a Chinese manhua series by Benjamin from TokyoPop. Orange is an angry, alienated teen living in modern day China. Disappointed by her parents, friends and so-called boyfriends, she decides to end it all by throwing herself off a building. But before she can end it all, Orang

How to Draw an Open Rose

Comics & Animation
Drawing an open rose is an excellent way to represent the glorious beauty of nature. You'll definitely want to draw your rose in full color. You can work with colored pencils or pastels and from a photograph or from nature. This can be a challenging project because you must gauge the colors in the r