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Bodybuilding Basics and Tips

Ever since the first pre-human picked up a heavy rock a number of times and found his muscles pumped, mankind has been into bodybuilding. The first efforts were to refine and define the musculature needed to throw a spear farther, or pull a stronger bowstring, or thrust a sword harder. Later efforts

Proven Steps to Build Muscle

When you decide to follow through with yourself and achieve your goal of gaining the perfect body and are ready to build muscle, you will need to have a lot of determination, strength, and will power. You can't give up on your responsibilities, so you shouldn't give up on your goals, eithe

How to Build Back Muscles

We hardly realize how much our back means to us till we actually through it out. How does that happen? You play twister with your friends and then they end up carrying you home! Too extreme? Ok how about when get home from a long day at work and your back's so sore you wonder how come it hasn&a