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Yamaha Vmax Snowmobile Specs

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Snowmobiles are used for work and play in the winter months.snow image by muymalo from Fotolia.comThe Yamaha Vmax is a powerful snowmobile that can provide riders with comfort as well as speed. The Yamaha Vmax has standard hand and thumb warmers to ensure the rider is always able to...

250 2-Stroke Yamaha Specs

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A lot of Yamaha two-strokes with 250cc engines are dirt bikes.Compassionate Eye Foundation/Digital Vision/Getty ImagesMost contemporary motorcycles use a four-stroke engine, which means that the pistons take four strokes to complete an engine cycle. There are few two-stroke engined bikes...

Engine Specs for 1994 Acuras

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Acura is the luxury line of automobiles built by Japanese manufacturer Honda. The brand was introduced into the U.S. market in March 1986, with such models as Integra and Legend, and the Acura brand branched out into sports specification vehicles with the introduction of the NSX (which is an acronym