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Sanitary Ware Promotional Ideas

    • Promote your wares in classic ways with a twist.Toilet bowl and bidet in a toilet image by terex from

      When people want a new toilet, you’ll want them to think of you. As a supplier of sanitary wares (bathroom sinks, lavatory supplies and toilets), dealing in such a niche market requires a segmented approach to how you promote yourself. You’ll want to reach consumers who need your product as they are likely to not make an impulse buy for your type of service. Additionally, since you won’t be mass marketing your wares, use promotional ideas that directly position your brand.

    Home Shows

    • Participate in home shows where home improvement and home décor professionals go to showcase their businesses. Some home shows are produced for construction managers, builders and architects; others are for homebuyers and interior design firms. Either way, make use of your exhibition space to bring in a variety of your best sellers and new inventory to showcase your inventory. Bring additional traffic and attention to your space by hosting a raffle giveaway for services or, for a main event concession, offer a bathroom makeover sweepstakes where qualifying participants can enter to win a complete fixture setup.

    Showroom Invitations

    • Invite interior decorators, new construction builders and homebuyers to come to your showroom to see some of your new products. Host an open house event and stage different styles of bathrooms completely designed using your wares. For a zany casual event, use a bit of originality in your event design, such as hosting a “dinner on the toilet” event where attendees can come and grab a few hors d’ oeuvres while sampling your equipment. Getting traffic to your show floor gives interested consumers a chance to see not only what you offer, but also how to pair décor elements for a final touch.

    Bulk Mailing

    • Send a specialty package to a limited number of potential customers that you’ve acquired from either your internal leads mailing list or a purchased direct mail list. Packages that are bulky usually always get opened, as recipients are curious as to what’s inside. In addition to your marketing collateral, such as a catalog, you can purchase specialty items that contain your name, logo and contact information from a promotional company such as Order promotional toilet-shaped stress relievers with your logo stamped on the lid.

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