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50 Year Old Birthday Games

    • The 50-year-old birthday person has a lot to celebrate. First, he has reached an important milestone in his life. Although a little older and wiser, the birthday person will likely enjoy some party fun. If you know someone reaching that special milestone, celebrate with party games that will make for a memorable birthday.

    Guessing Game

    • The Guessing Game demonstrates who can best guess the birthday person's age from a photo. Before the party, collect a yearbook and any photos of the birthday celebrant you can find. Use a projector or computer to project the photos on a screen at the party. When you get to the photo, ask the party goers to guess the age of the birthday person when she posed for the photo. The game provides tons of enjoyment, as everyone sees how the birthday person changed over the years. The guests get tickled at how the hairstyles, the outfits and choice in boyfriends or girlfriends changed over time.

    Timeline Game

    • The birthday celebrant and guests will test their trivia skills and smarts when they celebrate half a century worth of memories with the Timeline Game. First prepare a photo time line for the past 50 years and stick it along a wall of the party room. Be sure to mix up the order and put blank index cards under the clippings or photos. (Some good ideas for your photo timel ine: world events, famous discoveries, popular music, Oscar-winning movies, Olympic highlights and any other entertaining trivia from the last 50 years.) Next, ask your guests to go around the time line and have them write down on the card the year they think is correct regarding the event or trivia and have them sign their names. Whoever gets the highest number of correct answers wins.

    Karaoke Game

      Birthday Roast Game

      • You can introduce this version of a roast with a nostalgic theme to make the birthday person feel special. Send an email before the party asking guests to think of a story that relates to the birthday person. The stories can be about humorous times or about the person growing older. Get all the ideas on paper and take it to the birthday party. Put the ideas in a paper bag or hat. Say "Roast time!" and take out the paper bag or hat with the ideas. Get the birthday person to pull out one story at a time, and the guest who had the idea will do the roast and share the story.

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