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How to Do a Title Search on a Property in North Carolina

    • 1). Record all pertinent information about the property including the complete address, city, state and Zip code of the city or county located in North Carolina. Include the current owner's full name or property parcel number if you have it. Searching by the parcel number is the best option to ensure accurate property information is found. Using just the property owner's name usually returns several listings of owners with the same name and require more time to locate the correct address.

    • 2). Visit the County Clerk's office or Register of Deeds office in the city where the property is located. Each city and county within North Carolina maintains their own listing of property records in their specific locality. Ask the clerk at the office to assist you in finding the property information or you may research the records yourself. Some offices may charge a fee and require that you fill out an application verifying your reason for viewing the records, although this is not common in most cities in North Carolina.

    • 3). Search for the property record online. Many of the larger cities in North Carolina have websites where you can search for property information online. Enter the property facts into the search field and click on the link to access detailed information on the history of the property including title information. The online databases include the same information available at the County Clerk offices.

    • 4). Retrieve the property information and copy or print for your records. Research all data, including property history, current and all previous owners, value, sales history, taxes, size and any updates made to the property. Understanding the title can become difficult in some cases and it's necessary to be sure that it is clear of all liens when considering a purchase. Contact an experienced and reputable real estate attorney or title company to ensure accuracy.

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