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Gruesome Halloween Costume Ideas

    Surgery Disaster

    • For those seeking to create gore, perhaps no costume achieves it better than a surgery disaster. One can purchase realistic internal organs at Halloween stores or even scientific supply stores. Get flesh colored clothing (again, the Halloween store) and attach the organs in the right positions (consult an anatomy chart). Add petroleum jelly for a slimy look (or slime from the Halloween store) and fake blood. Also, place surgical instruments in the "body cavity." A surgical robe and mask completes the costume.

    Careless Chainsaw User

    • Purchase fake intestines and other organ from a scientific supply store or Halloween store. Get a prop chain saw. Using a flesh-colored shirt, attach the intestines and other organs and use fake blood around the "wound area" along with petroleum jelly or similar substances. Wear a work shirt over the top, but cut away an area to expose the wound. Be sure to splatter all clothes and hands and chainsaw with the blood. Some bits of intestine on the chainsaw add to the image.


    • Horror films have shown many serial killers who collect body parts from their victims. Creating a costume of one provides plenty of opportunity to venture into gruesome territory. Essentially any type of outfit will work (serial killers are a diverse lot). Purchase body parts and internal organs from a scientific store or Halloween store. Be sure to apply gore (like petroleum jelly and fake blood) liberally to the pieces. They can be pinned to clothing, hanging out of pockets or carried, but the more pieces, the better.

    Rotting Corpse

    • Borrowing from the surgery disaster costume, internal organs should be attached to flesh-colored clothing, but before attaching them, use black and green paint and makeup to give a rotten look to the cloth. Attach organs and apply petroleum jelly or other gore and fake blood liberally. Rotting flesh makeup kits can be purchased at Halloween stores. Use the makeup on any exposed flesh. Tattered clothing that leaves the wound areas exposed finish the costume.

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