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Top Five Advertising Solutions

If you have a business or a product that you would like to promote, where should you spend your money to advertise it? I bounced ideas back and forth with my TOP marketing friends for hours before coming up with my top five. There are literally dozens of effective ways to promote your website. However, I wanted to save you time and money, so I'm giving you the 5 most profitable marketing methods.

Here are my top five:More...

#5) Adwords - Google Adwords is a solid place to advertise. People who are looking for a specific product or service turn to Google. They type in certain keywords and if you've paid for your ad to appear for those specific keywords, then your ad appears on the right-hand page of their search results. Your goal is to convert these visitors to buyers, but your website must meet three essential elements: PRICE, PRODUCT, and EASY ORDERING. When customers visit you from Adwords, you get about 8 seconds to show them these three things so they can fork their money over to you OR move on to the next ad.

#4) Autoresponders - If you have a product or service, then you must have a newsletter or opt-in form somewhere on your website. If you do not, then you could be losing out on potential future customers as well as missing the opportunity to capitalize on those customers visiting your site right now. Aweber says that your product must be seen FIVE times before a customer will make a decision to buy. By consistently emailing these potential customers, you increase your changes of turning a visitor into a buyer.

#3) Teleseminars - This is starting to take off big time in the marketing world. There are places that offer FREE 800 numbers for people to dial in and listen to you speak. There are two ways to capitalize. If you have a product or service, you can host your own free or low-cost teleseminar and hold an hour telephone call promoting your product or service. If you want to make money as an affiliate for a specific product then interview the creator of that product and direct people on the phone to your affiliate webpage (add the affiliate link to the product).

#2) Magazines - Write article after article after article. At the end of the article, add a "Resource Box" that will direct customers to your product or service. RSS Feeds and Search Engines are picking up these articles and that equals free advertising for the life of the article. Your article can be picked up by hundreds of websites - and be seen and read for many years.

#1) Joint Ventures - Don't do all the work, let your other business owners push your product. Let's say that you are working day and night making about 10 sales per week at $10. You pocket $100 a week. If there were 20 people pushing your product at 1 sale per person, then you pocket $200 but you really didn't do anything. Now, if those 20 people made the same 10 sales, then you pocket $2,000. Subtract their fees, and you have made some decent money. Add about 100 people to your sales force, and think of the possibilities. The easiest way to do joint ventures is to set up an affiliate program on your website.

Jeff Gardner

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