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What Is the Star Rebate Tax Credit?

    Energy Star

    • The Energy Star program was introduced by the EPA in 1992 to promote the use of energy-efficient products. In 1996, the EPA joined with the DOE to expand the scope of Energy Star from environmental protection to energy-efficient. Energy Star is a driving force behind developing technology that emphasizes energy conservation.


    • Appliances eligible for Energy Star rebates are clearly identified with theEnergy Star logo. These appliances meet the Energy Star guidelines and are eligible for tax credit.

    Home Purchases

    • Individuals purchasing a new home are advised to seek one that meets Energy Star requirements. The tax credit for a home purchase can prove substantial.

    Home Improvement

    • To take full advantage of the Energy Star rebate program while preparing to make home improvements, the EPA provides resources to assist you in choosing products that can reduce your energy bills without sacrificing home comfort.


    • Business applications for the Energy Star program are designed to decrease overall costs and minimize environmental impact. The EPA provides an Energy Star partnership program to assist businesses in establishing energy management strategies while benefiting from the tax credits.

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