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Ideas for 45th Birthday

    Big Party

    • A 45th birthday is a big deal and can make for a big celebration. Consider throwing your loved one a big party at a local rental hall, such as an Elks Club or American Legion. The big space will let you invite everyone the birthday boy will want to see and not have to worry about cramming everyone in to your house. Many of these halls can set you up with caterers, meaning you won't have to worry about cooking for the large crowd.

    Small Party

    • Many people don't like a lot of attention on their birthdays, especially when they're getting up in years. A small party either at your house or a friend's will allow you to celebrate the birthday girl's special day without adding the stress of a big gathering. Inviting just family and close friends will allow the guest of honor to spend more time with each guest and celebrate the birthday among those she knows best.


    • A special getaway vacation can be a great gift for someone turning 45. When they hit middle-aged milestones, many people look back on lost opportunities and things they wished they'd done. Sending the birthday boy on trip somewhere he's never been, or hasn't been in ages, can help him relive a bit of his youth. Consider the birthday boy's interests when planning the trip. The trip can even double as a birthday party if some close friends and family tag along.

    Gag Gifts

    • Gag gifts often prove popular among those turning 45. Get the birthday girl a card that says "Over the Hill" to let her know just how old she's getting. A cane or walker can also be a funny way to poke fun at the guest of honor. When picking out a gag gift, however, you'll want to consider who you're giving it to. Will the person be able to take the joke? You want to avoid offending the person on her special day.

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