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Housewarming Gift Ideas for Bachelors


    • While he faces the tedious chore of moving in, give him a housewarming gift that gives him one less thing to worry about: his next meal. Gourmet sandwiches crafted from freshly baked bread, fresh cheese and gourmet meat are easy to grab and eat, without even having to unpack silverware or plates. Throw together sandwiches, such as prosciutto and arugula or mozzarella and pesto, a bag of kettle-cooked potato chips and some homemade cookies for him to enjoy during a much needed break from unpacking.

    Home Bar

    • Regardless of his weapon of choice, a housewarming gift that fills up his new bar is sure to receive a warm welcome. Purchase wine glasses, pint glasses, beer mugs, martini glasses or other glassware to make his drinking more enjoyable. Coasters with a nice masculine print or bold color will protect the surfaces throughout his new digs. Make it easier for him to relax with a drink by giving him a new bottle opener, wine aerator or other beverage accessory.


    • Help him jazz up his new pad with some artwork. After doing a little investigating or shopping with the man himself, find a piece of art you know he'll like. Other pieces, such as a Van Gogh painting or Ansel Adams photograph are sure to blend in nicely to a bachelor's other decor while adding a touch of sophistication. Complete the artwork by adding a white matte and a crisp black frame.

    Grilling Gear

    • Let him take advantage of pleasant weather and whip up a feast by treating him to some grilling gear. A grill is an expensive gift that will let him make the best out of the weather. For cheaper presents, find various grill pans, trays, cedar planks and other cookware that will allow him to grill up anything from burgers to salmon. Outdoor furniture, like a table or deck chairs, will let him and his guests enjoy their freshly grilled meal outdoors.

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